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Root Canal Procedures in Georgetown

Miller Dental has been providing dental care to residents of Georgetown for over five years, offering customized cosmetic and endodontic dental care, such as root canals.

A constant stream of dental procedures on a tooth or deep tooth decay can lead to irritation and infection of the tooth’s nerve and pulp. When this occurs, the affected nerve and pulp will begin to breakdown and cause further infections leading up to swelling and severe pain.

Miller Dental has endless years of experience in endodontic therapy, such as root canals. The procedure is aimed at saving a tooth that has been hit with deep decay. The process consists of removing the dead nerve and pulp, cleaning the tooth and sealing it.

Short, Painless Root Canal Procedures

The nerve endings aren’t important for the everyday function of your tooth, as they’re primarily responsible for providing you with sensations of hot and cold of foods and drinks. The root canal of a tooth is where the pulp chamber and nerves lay, hence the name of the procedure.

We offer patients with a comprehensive consultation before the root canal therapy to provide an overview of what the procedure consists. Our dental experts have years of experience in performing root canals, so you can rest assured that you’re in the best medical hands.

In Georgetown, Halton Hills, Acton and the surrounding areas – Miller Dental has become established as one of the go-to family dental clinics. We cater to people of all ages and walks of life, offering everything from routine checkups to full dental rehabilitation.

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