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Dental Bridges in Georgetown

A dental bridge treatment is commonly provided to patients who’ve lost several teeth, to either an injury or dental complication. It is an effective restorative dental procedure that will prevent other dental issues such as uneven jaw bites, gum disease and teeth alignment.

Miller Dental in Georgetown has been providing patients with dental bridge treatments to secure their confidence and beautify their smile for many years. With the loss of several teeth, it can cause room for the other teeth to shift. If care is not taken at this point in time, it can lead to serious dental complications in the future.

Our dentists will take a mold of your entire teeth and use it in creating a dental bridge that will fit perfectly in your mouth. There are several different types of dental bridges you can choose from, depending on your situation.

With the right amount of care, the dental bridges from our Georgetown clinic will last you a lifetime. It is extremely important that you continue to take care of your teeth, as porcelain or ceramic teeth can also be susceptible to damage.

  • Removable Bridges: As the name suggests, these are dental bridges similar to dentures – they can be removed and cleaned, providing a great deal of convenience and care.
  • Traditional Bridges: The bridge is used to hold up the anchored teeth, which are generally made from materials such as ceramic or porcelain.
  • Cantilever Bridges: A bridge of this sort is commonly used when there is only one tooth to one of the sides of the bridge.

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